Friday, May 31, 2013

All the News

Surprise! I have not actually disappeared from the face of the planet. And, having been gone so long, I do have rather a lot of news.

So sometimes really great and unexpected things happen. Sometimes, because you've been wanting them a while, finally getting them is a bit of a shock, and you're afraid that any mention of them happening might jinx them.

So you wait, and you see how things will go. Time passes. You reach the point where you should probably say something, but by then not saying anything is habit. But you don't want to post anything nonchalant, because inside all you can think is "Big news! Big news! Big news!" And then life gets really really crazy and all thought of blogging goes right out the window.

Well, here's me finally making my big announcement:

I'm pregnant!

Over seven months pregnant, in fact. I'm so very excited, and I've been meaning to share this news for a while now. But then I couldn't figure out quite how I wanted to say it, and by the time I decided I'd just say it, the other big thing was happening.

And so, for announcement number two:

My husband and I have moved into a lovely new house!

This was rather a necessary step in order to accommodate the impending child. It also meant a lot of work, first with packing, and then with moving, and then with unpacking and painting and getting new appliances and repairing the broken fridge, and now, most recently, taking care of a pest problem.

So, if you have happened to wonder where I've been the last several months, well, to recap:
  1. pregnant!
  1. new house!
It's a good life.