Thursday, December 4, 2014

This post has no theme except: hey! time is passing.

A couple days ago I wrote this post about all the stuff I was going to do in November. Only it wasn't a couple days ago, it was a whole month, and now November has gone and done a disappearing act.

NaNoREADMo count: 1.5 books. Pathetic really.

Research: more productive. Except now the book in question has decided it's something else entirely. Typical.

Thanksgiving roundup

Miles driven: ~220
People seen: >40
Food consumed: lots, and then more lots (including an entire meal of desserts)
Illnesses acquired: 2 (one for me and one for the boy)
Fun: had

Also there was a very minor car accident (but don't worry, mom! it doesn't even count as a fender bender, and it was in no way whatsoever my fault).

Now we're home and diving straight into December and chaos and "tis the season." (A rather frigid dive, if you ask me. Too much rain.) Tis also the season, apparently, for teething. All four of my son's molars are coming in at once, and they are as brutal as everyone says. All those people who told me sleep gets better after the first year? A bunch of lying liars who lie, I'll tell you what.

But despite the absolute mess I have become after several nights of being awake from 3:30 to 5:30, or rather because of it, we get such comedic gems as this one last night:

My husband: Where's the baby monitor?

Me: *Heads to desk to fetch it. Sees phone.* Oh! Almost forgot to charge my phone. I've been forgetting everything today. Left my purse in the car when I went to CVS. Luckily there was nobody behind me in line so I could run and grab it. *Returns to husband.*

Him, with barely-contained exasperation: Um... the monitor?

Sooooo that's how things stand in the Lockwood house. Happy December, and if you're looking for a quick, humorous read, check out my agency sister's post from Monday. It was right up my alley.