Monday, April 24, 2017

Poetry Month

It's poetry month, and so for our most recent session my local writing group brought in a poet, who gave us some instruction and prompts for writing a Haiku. Though we weren't actually required to come up with one right then, I did have mine come together pretty quickly. It was based on a picture of a dragonfly sparkling in sunlight:

points of light on wings
sliding over thin membrane
dropping into air

And in fact, I was so into the whole poetry mood while I was there that I came up with an entirely different poem as well. I'd had a murky idea for it in the week leading up to the group, and I was happy that talking about poetry spurred me into getting it all down. Here it is:

I have collected light
in jewels on a string
in glints off tall metal towers
and champagne in sparkling glasses

But you have gathered light
in beads of dew on a flower
and in children's laughter
and from the eyes of those you've saved

And while my collection gathers dust
Yours propagates and never rusts

Happy Poetry Month!