Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Recommendation: Wicked Lovely

I enjoy reading stories about fantasy creatures of all types, and faeries can be some of my favorites.  There are so many different approaches to faeries; every author treats them with a unique point of view.  Sometimes they are dainty, sometimes very human but with superhuman powers, sometimes dangerous and frightening.

In Wicked Lovely Melissa Marr's faeries fall into the category of “treacherous and other.”  They are creatures ruled by passions fiercer than those we experience and far too toxic for humans to survive.  Some can be rational and many have needs and desires with which we can sympathize, but they feed off of a passionate energy that humans can't share or comprehend.

And much of the conflict of Wicked Lovely comes from this difference between humans and fey.  The book is about a mortal girl named Aislinn who is caught between the two worlds.  Her heart belongs in the mortal world, but her destiny would take her into the world of faeries.

It is her fight to keep as much of her life human as she can that makes me love her.  Most of the other girls in her situation who have gone before her let fey otherness erode their humanity to nothing, but Aislinn resists with all her strength.  Reading her story I want to see her succeed.  Every triumph has me cheering.

Melissa Marr's writing in this book is smooth and compelling.  It's easy to get drawn in by her words, and the world she creates is believable.  She handles both drama and action with a deft hand, and her romance is spell-binding (but not recommended for younger readers).  Wicked Lovely is a very entertaining book, but those who are looking can find some thought-provoking themes as well.

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