Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthdays and Moving and Blog Silence

I feel like I've been pureed.  Monday mornings are usually no fun, but this morning was particularly brutal.  I'd say I feel like I'm getting old, but I'm not anywhere near old, so really I just feel pathetic.

The hubby and I spent this weekend out of town celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday.  I was really glad we were able to make it down and see lots of family and make ourselves useful so they didn't have to do all the set-up themselves.  It's been a while since we visited with that side of the family, so it was a good time.

But somehow I must have overdone.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep from the heavy rain while we were staying out in the camper.  Maybe it was the extreme heat yesterday that sapped my energy.  Maybe it was the repetitive motion strain I got in my shoulder from measuring out endless lengths of streamers for decorating.  (I kid not; it still feels bruised to the touch.)

I know... pretty pathetic, right?  I could barely keep my eyes open before bed last night, and this morning isn't much better.  Hard to believe I was pulling all-nighters just over five years ago.

Well anyway, it was still a good weekend, despite feeling partied-out this morning.  Congratulations to my grandmother on 80 good years.  And thanks to all the family for a great weekend.

In other news, I neglected the blog all last week because I've been making some great progress on the newest book.  I'm excited about how it's coming together.  I'm about a third of the way through, and I'm still feeling the energy of it.

My postings over the next month and a half will probably continue to be more sporadic.  We're moving next month, and that means lots of packing, packing, packing.  I'm really getting excited about the move, though.  Our new location will mean far less traffic and much easier access to a lot of great people and places.

So while all that's going on I may simply have too much to juggle to keep up regular posts.  I'll try not to be totally silent, though!

In the meantime, enjoy your summer!

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