Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Again

Well, I'm back.*

The hubby and I have moved, and moreover, we have settled in. I LOVE the new place. It's quiet, it has sunlight, it's pretty and not run-down.

The only downside: though it has more square footage and more rooms (and thus more walls), somehow there seems to be less space. I'm not quite sure how that happened. All I know is that there is one round table that refuses to fit anywhere. Also, the kitchen really is smaller, but I've found ways to work around that. Helps that the kitchen is much more open than in the old place.

I'm happy here. And of equal importance: the hubby and the kitty are happy too.

Question of the day: How do you know you're an incurable book lover? Answer: When moving to a new town you get a new library card at the local branch before seeing to any other change-of-address business. I've already gobbled up two of the four books I borrowed on Thursday.

Speaking of libraries: Old Spice Guy!

Now on to other news:

I have found over time that there are certain classes of objects that seem to break whenever I come near them. I noticed this first with watches. I have been through countless wristwatches. They never fail to fail. Either I get them wet and they stop working, or the strap breaks, or they just die, or in the rare case where they don't actually break, they end up pinching uncomfortably and I get rid of them. I couldn't keep a wristwatch if you paid me good money to do it.

Unfortunately I'm finding a similar trend with computers. I have a vampiric touch. Perfectly good, working machines become bloodsucking, rage-inducing monsters under my hand. And it's not even my fault!

Remember when I got a new computer a few months ago? I was very excited. I loved everything about it. Being that it was store built instead of home built I hoped that all the pieces would work well together and not be prone to spontaneous crashes.

But no. It would seem that is not the case. After the latest windows update the crashes began. Then the antivirus software had a fit (and not because I had a virus) and when I tried to reinstall the antivirus the crashes got worse until the computer was mostly unusable. So I decided it was time to reinstall the whole OS from scratch, and somehow in the process the computer eroded even more. And now it won't turn on at all.

I've had this computer for four months. I've already had to replace the video card. Now I'll be getting the motherboard and memory replaced as well. At this rate there will be nothing left of the original computer come fall.

Oh well. At least I can still get some writing done on the laptop or my hubby's computer. This book WILL be written. I will not accept the alternative.

Anyway, what's been going on with you this past month?

*The final line from The Lord of the Rings is always an appropriate greeting.

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  1. Ha! Gotta love the Old Spice guy! Thanks for sharing that. :) So glad you're happily settled into your new place. Too bad your computer's not behaving though. Boo.