Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Recommendation: The Iron King

Meghan Chase was six years old when she watched her father disappear. Now ten years later her brother goes missing as well, and this time she's determined to get him back. She follows her brother into the Nevernever, the world of the faeries, bringing her best friend Robbie along with her. But surprises wait for her there: not only is she half faery herself, but she has been lured to the Nevernever to play an important role in the upheaval of the faery courts. To save her brother she must survive the perils of the faery world, while juggling the affections of both her best friend and icy prince Ash... who might just as soon kill her as kiss her.

I first became aware of The Iron King when I saw Patrice Sarath's recommendation of it. I was intrigued and put it high on my to-read list. Recently I had the chance to dive into it.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Julie Kagawa delivers an exciting plot and interesting characters. Meghan is strong-willed, passionate and loyal. Robbie and Ash are great foils for each other: Robbie is easy-going, Ash smoulders; both are steadfast, though their devotion shows itself differently in each.

But my favorite character is probably Grimalkin, the Cait Sith. Grim embodies all the things I love about Julie Kagawa's faery world: he's mysterious, potentially dangerous and definitely devious. (He's also so very feline, and being a cat lover I couldn't help but like him.) In the Nevernever actions have consequences, and bargains come with a heavy price. Grim is a master at bargaining to his own advantage, and something tells me that Grim's intricate plots will play a key role in the next book...

Because the story isn't over. The sequel, The Iron Daughter, came out in August, and now that I've read the first book I am itching to snatch up the second. If it's even half as good as The Iron King I know I'll love it.

And on a side note, the cover is lovely.

Now go read!

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