Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If Books Came in Ice Cream Flavors

Today I've got ice cream on my mind, so for today's post I present YA Genres as Represented by Ice Cream Flavors.

Romance: Strawberry

Why? Because it's simply sweet.

Paranormal: Chocolate Fudge

Why? Because it's a rich, dark indulgence.

Dystopian: Coffee

Why? Because it looks like it could be chocolate, but as soon as you take a bite you discover something bitter under the surface.

High Fantasy: Rocky Road

Why? The name says it all.

Sci Fi: Rainbow Sherbet

Why? Because it has that tangy edge.

As for Steampunk... well honestly, I can't say I'd like little bits of metal floating around in my ice cream, so I think I'd hold off on that one.


  1. lol... I love it! I'd say mint choc chip for steampunk ... got that odd but delicious combo.

  2. HAHA! Love it. The coffee was great.

  3. Fantastic. I agree, coffee is totally dystopic.