Monday, April 4, 2011

Critique Week Contest!

Gooood morning and happy Monday!

What's that? Not a fan of Mondays? Well, I have something a bit different for today, so hopefully we can start this week off with a little more excitement than usual. The blog's birthday was last month, so to celebrate I've decided to make this week Critique Week. And to get the theme rolling, I'm opening today with... a contest!

That's right, YOU could win a critique of your first five pages!


1. For the purposes of this contest, five pages means “five pages, double spaced in Times New Roman or Courier font.” Fiction of any length (so long as it is at least five pages) is eligible.

2. To enter, add your name in the comment section of this post along with one word from each of the first five pages of the work you want critiqued.

3. The entry with the five words I find most intriguing will win a full critique of the five pages represented by those words.

4. The contest will be open until 9pm EST on Wednesday, April 6th. The winner will be announced on Friday, April 8th.

No other requirements. Following the blog, following me on twitter, and tweeting about the contest are optional. Doing so won't sway the results; however, there might be other future rewards for those who do, so comment/show links to let me know if you do.

The contest is now open. Ready... GO!


  1. That's awesome fun, I love it!

    My five words are:
    Fly, warpath, diatribe, constable, henchman.

  2. How fun!

    My words: Gamer, Blast, Tattoo, Dragonfly, Seville

  3. Hah! I'm almost afraid to write down the words:

    flayed, miracle, butter, funeral, harp

  4. I seriously love this idea!

    ozone, immortality, perfume, manipulating, remembrance

  5. Nice! I love it!

    gnawed, threadbare, cobblestone, spiral, inspector

  6. Ooh! I'll play. Great contest idea.

    Busty, fluorescent, emergency, scorched, darklings.

  7. Sounds great--thanks!!!!

    Vie flamethrowers swallowed flailing movements.