Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Update

Some not-totally-huge-but-not-insignificant things have happened over the last few months with my writing, so I figured I'd do a short update today on what I'm working on.

With regards to Olympus Gate: I've gotten some really helpful feedback from a couple of agents on the manuscript. I really appreciated what they had to say and agreed with the comments, so I'm going to go through another pass at editing the book and then try sending it out again.

With regards to Unmade: To be honest, I'm struggling with this book. It's been a bigger challenge than I ever expected. The biggest surprise was that writing a story set in the real world in the present day is more complicated than I thought, especially when it comes to pacing. My frustrations with the book and the way it keeps changing scope on me have led to difficulty making progress. So I think I need to put the story away for a while, and when I decide to come back to it I'll change my approach.

With regards to the yet-unnamed book: I'm really looking forward to working on it. I still have to find the voice, which is going to be tricky, but I've already started playing around with the first chapter and I'm absolutely loving it so far. After I finish my Olympus Gate edits I'll probably dive in and get to work on it.

And that's pretty much everything there is to tell. What's going on with you?


  1. I'm getting very close to being done (apart from critiques) with my revision of "Lady and the Necromancer."

    The story is almost exactly 95k words (which is a good number for urban fantasy). I'm really excited by the new directions the story has taken and am excited about the chance to shop it around.

  2. Excellent! I actually just read over the most recent chapters today and should have your critique on them for you tomorrow. I really like the improvements, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that once you pass 25K, you've invested too much not to finish. That said, I have a handful of unfinished in my graveyard that disprove that rule.

  4. Well, I haven't given up on it entirely. I just think it was starting to go in the wrong direction. There's a lot I need to reconsider about the story.