Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ice Cream

It's September now, and for me, that means ice cream season!

Every year I go to a tailgating event in September. The food is so so amazing. Everybody goes all out. So last year I decided that I would put my ice cream maker to good use since, in the five years I'd had it, I'd never tried it. The results were fantastic. The ice cream maker came with a bunch of good recipes, and everybody loved stopping by our tailgate (especially since it was a hot day).

Well, this year I'm planning to do the same, but because I can only make about a quart at a time, I have to make ice cream pretty much every day between now and the event. Fortunately the vanilla, which I'm planning to make the most of, isn't that hard to prepare, but some of the other recipes are.

My favorite recipe is a chocolate espresso “gelato” (I'm not entirely sure why it qualifies as gelato, but that's what it's called in the recipe book) that I find almost irresistible. I made some of it yesterday and it was even better than I remembered. I normally don't even like coffee that much. (I know, that's almost blasphemy for a writer.) But somehow the espresso in the ice cream makes it ten times better.

The other one I really like is strawberry frozen yogurt—though don't let that fool you into thinking it's the least bit healthy—because it uses real strawberries. Perhaps I should search for some other good recipes online.

Have you ever made ice cream? What are your favorite flavors?


  1. That sounds fantastic! Am totally craving ice cream now LOL. I've never tried making it, it always seems like it would be so difficult. I may have to look into an ice cream maker for Christmas now :)

  2. It's fun! It takes a little preparation, though, so it's the kind of thing you have to be intentional about doing. Still... I enjoy it.

  3. Oooh, yummo! Homemade ice cream is the best. I've only made it once and I was like, ten or something. So yeah, I barely remember the details. One thing I do remember is using bunches of rock salt. Is that right or am I getting my memories all confuzzled?

  4. A lot of them do work that way, yeah. Mine's a little easier. I just have to freeze the container overnight.

  5. I was, quite literally, just about to make a batch of dulce de leche ice cream when I read this.