Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Hi everyone! This past month I've had a lot going on, much of which I can't talk about right now, so I've been a bit silent online. But now it's Thanksgiving, and today I'm making one of my favorite contributions to Thanksgiving dinner: chocolate chip zucchini bread.

It's definitely not a typical holiday choice. I love pumpkin and apple pie. I'm a very very big fan of mashed potatoes too, though I'm not really a gravy or cranberry sauce person. Thanksgiving traditions are great, and I enjoy celebrating some things the way most everyone else does, but I like adding my own flavor to the mix as well.

So generally, if possible, I make a dessert bread. Chocolate chip zucchini bread is my absolute favorite. It doesn't dry out and it's very sweet. I got the recipe from a friend, and today I'm sharing it with a group of teenage girls, who will be coming over soon to bake with me. Let the mess and silliness begin!

Do any of you contribute an unusual dish to your Thanksgiving meal?


  1. *HUGS* Hope everything is ok!

    I LOVE Zucchini bread, and I can only imagine how much better it must taste with chocolate chips! We got lucky and don't have to bring anything to the big family dinner, but I usually make a pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust. Love it!

    Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Yeah, everything is great! Thanks :)

      It's fantastic. I could send you the recipe if you'd like it. And I love graham cracker crusts on pies. The very best. (Especially if they are chocolate pies...yum!)

  2. Well, this morning we had deep fried cinnamon rolls wrapped with bacon. That's a bit unusual. :)

    The Zucchini bread sounds fantastic!

  3. Of course! How could they not be? :)