Thursday, May 1, 2014

This post got a little bit derailed.

Today has been a good day, guys. I'm getting into a rhythm with the WIP (work in progress) and remembering how much fun it is to write a first draft. Anything goes! Want to add a dragon to spice things up a bit? Insert that dragon! Want to experiment with dramatic irony?...

[And seriously it is so easy in a dual POV. Get character A needing one thing, and character B thinking character A needs the opposite, and BOOM! tension. Everybody wins. Except the characters. They really don't win.]

... Sprinkle liberal amounts of dramatic irony. LIBERAL AMOUNTS! And oh, you know what you haven't seen in a book in a while? A Shakespearean sonnet. Go ahead and add one of those too. That should do it.

It's great, because anything can be cut out later if it doesn't work. (Except the dragon. The world needs more dragons. Because then my son's first word could be dragon instead of cat, which it's looking like it might be.) Maybe that crazy idea will be absolutely ridiculous in retrospect. And guess what! Nobody has to know--that's what revision is for. But maybe it'll be totally brilliant instead.


You know, this post was actually supposed to be about something else entirely, but then it got to be all about first drafts. And dragons.

So hey, bonus! I get to save that other post for next week.


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