Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bloooooog Pooooooost

Thought process of the afternoon:

Hey, I should write a blog post. It's that time of the week.

What do I write about? Hm...

Oh, I see some green yarn on my desk. I wonder if there's anything interesting in that. It's been there forever. Ever since... let's see... probably about a year ago. I had this grand plan, see. I was going to be all DIY and make some ties to hold back the curtains in the nursery that would match the colors in the room. I even finished one of them. And now it's been months. The other one is never going to happen. So much for trying to save money doing it myself.

I wonder if there's some analogy in that to make into a fun post.

Oh look, there's something else on my desk that never got finished. I'm seeing a trend.

Wow, my desk is really not a good place for trying to come up with ideas. There are way too many things around here that need to get done.

Didn't I just sort through all those papers last week? How have they already multiplied??? I am never going to clean all this up!

Whatever. If I ignore them, maybe I can be productive.

Right. Blog post. Maybe if I just start writing...

Oh, huh. I'm already at the end of my thoughts and I still have no idea what to write about. Guess it's a good thing I have a series all planned out for next month!

This post doesn't really feel finished. Oh well. Evidence would suggest that if I don't post it now, it'll never get finished.


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