Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Kindle!

In related news, Hunger was the first book I read on my new Kindle! I think e-books will take a little getting used to, but after reading just this one I'm confident that I picked the right e-reader for me. I love the e-ink and I'm so glad I don't have a gadget with lots of other distractions. All I want is the device and the books, and that's what I've got.

It is a little strange to be reading a book and not know by the feel of it in my hands how far along I am. I'll have to adjust to the progress bar along the bottom instead. And writing the recommendation for Hunger was a little more difficult since I couldn't just flip quickly through the pages to find a particular passage. Also, I think I take a little longer to get absorbed in an e-book since I'm currently very aware of how much smaller the screen size is than a regular book page.

But I imagine after a few more books I'll stop noticing the differences (kind of like I stop noticing a new pair of glasses after a few days). Overall I'm super pleased with my Kindle.


  1. So you made the switch! My mom got a kindle for X-mas and I helped her set it up. I liked what I saw. Very nifty little device. I'll probably get one too - oh, say in ten years or so. lol. :P

  2. My Kindle is in the mail, I'm so excited! I agree, I think I'll stop noticing the differences after a little, exactly like new glasses. The convenience of being able to stuff it in my handbag and take it when I travel is going to be huge.

  3. I love my kindle -- have had it a couple of years. But I'm still not used to the little scroll bar across the bottom. Sometimes I want to go back and re-read a passage and it is hard to find it. I have to remember to put a note or bookmark on a page where I particularly like something. Even with this downside, though, I wouldn't give it away! :) Mary

  4. Amie - have you gotten a protective cover for yours? I picked out this one, which I'm liking pretty well so far: