Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Have you ever been to a really big Renaissance fair? I went to one this past Saturday in Maryland and had a fantastic time. Here are some of the highlights:


One of the first things I did there was go to a music show by the group Wolgemut. It consists of four guys: two on drums, one on a short pipe and one on German bagpipes.

See that guy in the back on the red drum? You can kind of see from the picture that he's got this lazy swagger while he plays the drum. The guy on the far left is the leader of the group, and he puts on a good show. His stage name is Micha. The word Wolgemut apparently means “having a good time,” and he seems to embody that word.

Toward the end of the performance Micha made me get up and dance to one of the songs. My husband got some pictures, perhaps hoping to embarrass me, but they mostly came out pretty blurry, so I guess I'm safe.

One of the most interesting parts of the show was when they invited a jester up to the stage and had him play a saw like a fiddle.

It had the strangest sound, but I suppose this is actually kind of a thing. Here's a video to give you something of an idea.

Other Performers

Over the course of the day I also saw a joust, a Shakespeare parody and some acrobats. The acrobats were probably the most fun.


Of course, one of the main attractions is the abundance of craftsmen everywhere. I saw a lot of great items, but didn't end up buying anything myself. My favorite was probably the glass blowers. They did a demonstration, and then I browsed through their collection.

All in all, lots of fun! Have you ever done something similar?


  1. I went to a Renaissance festival in Houston a really long time ago. Like, 20 years ago. It was very much like the one you attended.

    Love those bowls!

  2. Yeah, I really liked the look of all the glass.

  3. I haven't been to one of these, but I've been to Pennsic a few times ( It's kind of like a Ren Faire, but it's out in the middle of nowhere and everybody is part of the show (i.e. you have to have "authentic" garb to be there, the combats are not pre-determined but actual competitions, etc.).

  4. A good friend of mine does Pennsic sometimes. Sounds pretty interesting!

  5. Excellent times had by all. How do I manage to miss acrobats every time? I love Pirates Royale. I saw Wolgemut last time I was there too. Very funny.
    The playing the saw thing is almost painfully high pitched but fascinating...

  6. I wish I had seen more of the acrobats. I really enjoy watching them. Nothing like Cirque du Soleil though... that was amazing.