Thursday, July 3, 2014

Real Teens of 2014: Little Mermaid

[Real Teens of 2014 is a blog series with interviews of middle and high schoolers. Interview questions are chosen by the interviewee from a list, and answers are presented unedited.]

Code name: Little Mermaid

What's one thing you would NEVER do?

I would NEVER tell anyone "no one likes you". Joking or in seriousness.

What is your fatal flaw?

My fatal flaw is my lack of self control. I over eat and babble when feeling emotional.

And by babble, I say things I shouldn't say, I'm needy.

How do you eat your Oreos?

I eat my Oreos in milk. I'll eat them with a glass of milk, or I will put them in my mug and dig them out with a spoon. Unless they're the fudge covered ones.

What character trait do you find most appealing in another person?

I find it appealing when someone is politely honest. Meaning, when you speak you're real. If you aren't doing well you don't say you're doing well just to make life simpler. You're real about your thoughts, feelings, and the way you communicate and present yourself. Real, without being rude. A trait I would describe as respectfully and politely honest. Respect is one of the best gives anyone can give me. Respect means I am worth enough to not be overlooked or teased.  


Great answers! Now I want some milky Oreos... Thank you for starting us off, Little Mermaid!