Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Real Teens of 2014: Wondergirl

[Real Teens of 2014 is a blog series with interviews of middle and high schoolers. Interview questions are chosen by the interviewee from a list, and answers are presented unedited.]

Code Name: Wondergirl

Pick one of these and turn it into an accessory. How would you wear it? 
-a sippy cup 
-a toy car 
-a hula hoop 
-a lamp shade 
-pipe cleaners

If I had to wear a toy car I'd get two of them and wear them on my feet so I could stake around.

You have to fight at troll. Would you rather have a... 
-vacuum cleaner 
-or squirt gun 
and why?

If I had to fight a troll I'd use a flashlight to shine it in his eyes and blind him while I run by or push him off the bridge.

What's the worst/best thing you've ever tasted or smelled?

Worst thing I ever tasted was when I chewed a fish oil pill...best thing I ever tasted was home made dinner after being soo incredibly hungry, tired and cold for many hours.

If you could pick one subject and know everything there is to know about it, what would you pick?

If I could know everything about one subject I'd pick math.


New fashion statement alert for the roller rinks out there: roller skates should now be made to look like cars.