Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Little Monster on the Way

The news is now Facebook official, so I'm ready to announce that my husband and I are expecting Baby #2 in August!

We're really happy with the timing as the kids will be about two years apart and able to grow up together. Of course that also means I'm going to be doing all those baby things again, but now with a two-year-old in tow. But hey, people do this all the time right? Deep breaths...

So last pregnancy I spent about half my time glued to the Alpha Mom Pregnancy Calendar. This time around I'm too preoccupied to worry much about how big the Little Monster is or whether it has all its toes yet.

But one thing I remember really enjoying about the Alpha Mom Calendar was the "oh yeah, this" and "new this time around" sections. So here are my equivalents:

Oh Yeah, This

The weird dreams. Every night is a new adventure! Also, the crazy hormones. We watched Cars for the first time with the boy while we were all sick, and I almost started crying at the end when Lightning helps out the old car. I was frantically trying to GET A GRIP before my husband noticed and laughed at me.

Fortunately the dreams and hormones have not conspired against me to make me cry in my sleep. (Do your dreams ever make you cry? Mine do sometimes. But not the ones you'd expect, where people die or awful things happen. Those just wake me up cold and shaking. No, I only cry in dreams when someone is mad at me...)

And then there's the complete exhaustion striking at inconvenient times. Especially mid-afternoon on a sunny day when the boy's asleep and I'm in the middle of reading my research books and I hit one of the more soporific sections... zzzzzzzzzzz.

New This Time Around

The nausea. Oh, the nausea. I mean, I had it last time, but it was not like this. ("Morning sickness" is a completely inaccurate term, by the way. Morning is about the only time I feel fine.) I had to resort to taking nausea pills. But only the absolute lowest dose I could stand, because wow are they expensive! I'm even wearing sea bands just trying to take the edge off. Remember when I said I was eating ice cream every day? Yeah, that's because at the end of the day the only thing that makes me feel better is my little cup of heaven.

And then there's illness on top of that. See, I've been sick while pregnant. Went through two bad colds the first time around. And I've been sick with a toddler before. But only now have I finally experienced being sick with a toddler while pregnant. Anybody who can come up with a pregnancy-safe decongestant in the next couple weeks will have my eternal gratitude, because given the rate of illness in our house over the past few months, I'm sure we'll be in for another cold very soon.

And that's that. Despite the nausea and exhaustion and inability to take real medicine I'm actually quite happy. I'm looking forward to being a "mom of two." It'll be nice to have a little person who can't run away when I snuggle them again. In the meantime, I'm just glad that this trimester is almost done.

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