Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect Days

Today is a perfectly beautiful day.

I know... talking about the weather is rather banal, but some moments are simply too exquisite not to mention.

The air smells entirely pleasant, like someone put down a giant adhesive and then ripped it off, carrying all the bad smells away on the sticky side. The sun is shining on my toes at a soothing 75 degrees. And the wind...

Oh, how I love the wind.

People say that we associate memories with smells, and that may well be true, but I know for myself some of the strongest memories are attached to days exactly like this. [Riding home on the bus with my eyes fluttering closed and my heart so full that it's pushing up the corners of my mouth. Walking across campus with Emily and I say, “Look, they cut the grass,” and she says, “Yeah, I heard the smell.” Sitting outside with a book and wondering how I could possibly be so blessed as to have this life.] So each time a day like this comes, it's even better than the last, because it holds all the memories of the past perfect days.

(Following my stream of consciousness: everyone probably gets deja vu, but have you ever had the opposite? Instead of “I've seen this before,” have you ever thought “I'm going to see this again”? That happened to me once. I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, going through a calming exercise, and suddenly had this odd feeling that I was going to be there again.)

Well, I think it's clear that we're not going to get much more rational sense out of me for a while. I'm too immobilized by the way the grass is swaying outside my window...

I hope wherever you are your day is even half as amazing as mine.


  1. Yeah, her concepts got jumbled up. (We were both linguistics people, so we had a long discussion about this.) The sound of the lawnmower and the smell of the cut grass were intertwined in her head, so when she was trying to tell me that she had heard the lawnmower and smelled the grass, the two thoughts came out at once.

  2. This is fantastic. Yesterday wasn't that day for me, but today has been, so far. I'm glad it was perfect!

  3. Thanks, Sen! And thanks for the, uh, *other* thing ;) I can't wait til everyone else can see it too.