Saturday, November 10, 2018


Fairy tale retellings have been pretty popular for the past several years. I've never written one myself since I don't generally like following someone else's structure even if it's really good. (I'm the same way with crocheting--I'd much rather make up my own mediocre designs than follow a spectacular pattern.) But I could possibly be interested in writing a dark Cinderella...


Bone of her father, ash of the fire, blood of a prince. These are the things Elle needs to bring her father back to life. She has the bone and the ash; all she needs is to seduce the prince. And the ball to choose his future bride is only days away.

Brigitte has been watching her strange stepsister for as long as they’ve lived under the same roof. She refuses to sleep in a bed, choosing the cinders of the hearth instead. And she speaks mysterious incantations whenever she thinks no one is listening. Brigitte has tried to befriend her, but Elle wants none of her pity. But when Brigitte discovers Elle’s true plans, she’s the only one who can stand between Elle’s murderous designs and the life of the prince.

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