Sunday, November 4, 2018


Back again with another pitch set the EMPTY LIES THE DARKNESS world. This time I've jumped forward several centuries or more to show what happens when the easiest way to make war is to destroy all the other people's land.


Destroy a map, destroy the land it represents.

Ever since the ruling family of Xoatl City slaughtered everyone she loves, Apertni has been out for revenge. Taken into the care of the boss of Moxitla City’s underbelly, she is trained as an assassin and spy. Her new target: the entire city of Xoatl.

Tiopt is the ill-favored second cousin of the Duke of Xoatl. Shunted from scriptorium to army to priesthood, he lands at last in the Archives, where the maps that brought Xoatl’s land into being are housed and protected. While his relatives laugh and carouse, he is all that stands between his city and annihilation.

And then the mysterious and alluring noblewoman Apertni begins courting his favor.

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