Saturday, November 3, 2018


The pitch for today is set in the same world as EMPTY LIES THE DARKNESS and involves some of the same characters. It's an entirely different story, though, and I'm not quite sure that the pitch as it's written now is actually what the book would be about. If I ever have the opportunity to write it, maybe I'll find out!


Ashl is the best cartographer who ever lived, and no one will ever know. She’s cursed to be forgotten, to live humbly and be judged only for her looks. But she’s always craved more, always hunted down the far reaches of the world with her best friend Donl by her side. When her newest cartography commission out on the Infinite Lake turns up a mysterious island full of people who are not quite human, she feels a stirring of hope that maybe she won’t be doomed to insignificance forever.

A nonhuman named Tulmar sees Ashl not for her beauty or her maps, but for herself. He asks her to join him at the island, away from the world and the curse that follows her. But as tension stirs between humans and the people of the island, Ashl must make a choice between Tulmar, who sees through her curse, and Donl, who has loved her since the day they met.

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