Saturday, November 17, 2018

NaNoPitchMo 17: ROOM 220

*To be up front: today's pitch is on the topic of school shootings. Feel free not to read more if you aren't up for it.*

This is the heaviest of any pitch I've written. I don't think I would be equipped to write this book, but I got the idea in my head and had to write down the pitch, even if that's the most it'll ever be. If you are interested in a book that handles the heavy topic of school shootings, I'd recommend Hate List by Jennifer Brown.

ROOM 220

Faith hears snippets of future conversations floating to her on the wind. Usually the conversations are innocuous: what someone wants for dinner or who kissed whom under the bleachers. But one morning all the whispers in her town turn to violence and terror. The more she hears, the more certain she is that her school is about to be the site of the next mass shooting.

The one thing missing from the whispers is the name of the shooter. If she can’t figure it out and give the police a credible reason to investigate, her school will become the next headline on the evening news.

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