Saturday, November 24, 2018


Hey look! I'm not out of ideas yet! In fact, this is an old idea that I'd forgotten about but that came to me again the other night. I really like the characters for this one, but I don't actually have any plot (which is sort of opposite of the way books usually come to me). If I did, though, this would be the superhero book I'd want to read.


Angel was born to a small religious cult and raised as their holy prophet. From the moment she took her first breath she has been venerated, even worshiped, and dozens of people hang on her every word. All this because of one little detail: Angel was born with wings. But the older she gets, the more she disagrees with the foundational beliefs of her cult, and the more she wants out.

A year ago Sebastian argued with his brother Andrew and left him on the side of the road. That night Andrew was mugged and later died from his injuries, and ever since then Bas has been running from his own guilt. But the guiltier he feels, the stronger he becomes, until in his lowest moment he’s able to punch through concrete walls and put the guys who killed his brother in the hospital.

When Angel escapes from her cult, the first person she meets is Bas. Pursued by the cult and the police, they must find somewhere for two impossible-to-miss teens to blend in before their pasts catch up to them.

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