Monday, November 19, 2018

NaNoPitchMo 19: TIER 0

Today's pitch has a lot of elements that I enjoy reading: a thief, a heist, a prison break, virtual reality. It wouldn't be the first time someone came up with the idea of a virtual reality prison, but I still think it would make for a fun subject.


In 2146, criminals deemed a threat to the public are sent to the mind prison, a virtual reality correctional facility. The prison is huge—an entire virtual world—and there the captives stay until they can prove they are rehabilitated. Rehabilitation usually takes years, requiring climbing up from drudgery to luxury through making ethical choices.

Ken is the newest of the drudges, a master thief who was only caught because his partner betrayed him. He’s determined to get out again as quickly as he can, not honestly but through a heist that will get him to the top tier of the prison without any stops in between. But as Ken carries out his plans he finds that conning his way to the top isn’t as easy as it looks, and the prison isn’t all that it seems.

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