Monday, November 26, 2018


Not much to add to this one in the way of commentary, so I'll simply post it as is.


For every soul there is a unique set of words that will show a person precisely who they are. For some the words are a novel, for others a single phrase. For Helena it’s a poem found in the middle of a dusty old book, and once she’s read the words she can never forget them. They reveal to her the vastness of her loneliness and the depths of her longing.

But for Helena, knowing who she is isn’t a blessing. Filled with anguish over the truth of her inner self, she refocuses all her energy into becoming someone else. And yet the harder she tries, the farther out of reach such a change becomes. If she can’t master her restlessness and accept her soul as it is, her quest to become other will consume her.

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