Thursday, November 22, 2018

NaNoPitchMo 22: THE PIE LADY

Happy Thanksgiving! Today's pitch brought to you by the fact that I've spent the past three days baking a multitude of desserts, including four pies.


Janine is a pie maker whose pies can resolve any conflict. Give any two feuding parties a slice each of pie, and their problems work themselves out like magic.

Too bad that magic doesn’t work for Janine. Her pies never have any effect on her or her overly critical family. And they most certainly don’t work on her horrible neighbor Fritz, who complains about her to the super for everything from late-night chats with her sister (thanks cardboard thin walls!) to setting off the smoke alarm with a burnt crust (oops!).

But when a freak snow storm keeps Janine apartment-bound for Thanksgiving with her fourteen homemade pies, no electricity and only Fritz for company, she finds that maybe with a little luck and candle light, there might be some magic in those pies left for her.

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