Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Today's pitch comes from the popular superhero concept of someone whose power is in manipulating machines. I decided to go with a different twist on it, and I think it's interesting, mostly because I have no idea how the rest of the story would go. I'd love to read this book though!


When it comes to computers, Marten has a magic touch. He can make any machine do as he wishes simply by willing it, and he can find anything online in a blink. Even encrypted information isn’t hidden from him for long. He has no idea how he got his abilities, and his aloof parents have never shown any indication they are aware of what he can do.

Marten’s only clue is a fuzzy memory from his early childhood of a girl who was just like him. He can remember her name—Liv—but not much else. Yet no matter how hard he looks through his vast online reach, the one thing he can never find is her. And the longer he searches the more certain he becomes that someone doesn’t want him to.

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