Friday, November 2, 2018


Yesterday's pitch-a-day was for EMPTY LIES THE DARKNESS, my most recent project. When I finished what I thought would be the final draft for that, I started working on a companion book called THE WALLOWOOD. However, it turned out to be more novella than novel, and I have since interwoven it into the story of EMPTY LIES THE DARKNESS. But before doing that I wrote a pitch for it, and this is that pitch:

Never leave the house after dark. Never listen to the whispers of the trees. And never, ever go into the Wallowood or you’ll be devoured by the dark things. These are the rules Coln lives by, the rules that keep him safe and give him control over the dangers that surround him.

Until a new dark creature turns up, one that traps him inside his own panic, leaving him vulnerable and out of control. When his younger brother goes missing, Coln must go against every instinct and enter the Wallowood to rescue him. But in the woods, no rules can save him, and control is only an illusion.

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