Friday, November 9, 2018

NaNoPitchMo 9: DEAR ANNA

On a much lighter note than yesterday's monster murder book, here's a high school rom com:


Libby writes the advice column for her high school newspaper under the pen name Anna Doolittle. Nobody is supposed to know her identity, not even her best friend and secret crush Jake. She loves writing the column—it’s a lot more fun to meddle in other people’s business from a distance instead of the messy business of getting to know real people in person.

But then a new regular starts writing in to her column, a guy calling himself Hopelessly Smitten who needs advice on winning over his crush. Libby’s pretty sure he’s Jake, and she has absolutely no idea what to do about him. Help set him up with the most popular girl in school? Or sabotage his romantic hopes and dreams? One thing’s for certain: advice is a whole lot trickier in real life.

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