Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Happy NaNoWriMo friends! To those of you diving into your 50k words, good luck! It's an intense experience, and even years after doing my last NaNo, I still get a tingle of excitement every November 1st.

But as usual these days, I'm not at the right place in the writing/editing process to start a new book in November. Instead, this year I'll be doing NaNoPITCHMo--writing one book pitch a day (or maybe bringing back some old ones from previous books on days I can't get to the computer, because sometimes life needs wiggle room, right?) and posting them here.

For today's pitch, since yesterday was Halloween, I went a little creepy. I love the premise of this pitch, but honestly I have no clue what the rest of the book would look like. Maybe one day I'll write it. Until then, I do love the spooky feeling I get thinking about it.


Ellie sees visions of the past when she walks into an empty room. They are silent, like 3D soap operas on mute. The more dramatic memories are brighter, the rest dim or faded to nothing.

When Jen, the most popular girl in Ellie's school, goes missing, Ellie is the only one who knows where to start looking. There's a new memory of Jen in the girls' locker room, and it's the brightest one Ellie has ever seen. Finding Jen becomes an obsession.

The more secrets Ellie uncovers about Jen, the more important the locker room vision becomes. But this memory is different from all the others.

This memory keeps changing.

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