Saturday, November 25, 2017


A lot of fantasy out there is "elemental" in the sense of the Earth-Air-Fire-Water "elements." But I have yet to see a fantasy that's based on actual periodic table elements. I think it'd be a lot of fun to write one. This is my idea for such a book:


Willa’s junior year is spiraling out of control. Between prom committee, orchestra, AP exams and maker lab club, burnout is only one stressful study session away. So when RJ, the smartest kid in school, invites her to join yet another after school science club, Willa isn’t inclined to accept the invitation, even if RJ is super hot.

Only this club isn’t quite like the others. The Elementalists don’t just learn about elements, they manipulate them. And not the earth-air-fire kind, but real periodic table stuff. With their powers, the Elementalists protect the world from threats alien and domestic.

But not all Elementalists are equal. Willa’s element is Tungsten, hardly as useful as Oxygen or RJ’s Carbon. Unless people need their custom wedding bands adjusted, there’s not much she can do. But when all the “important” Elementalists, RJ included, are incapacitated in an explosive accident, it’s up to Willa and the rest of the B team to come to the rescue.

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