Saturday, November 11, 2017


Four years ago I had a new baby, and nothing was as it had been before. I was over the moon... but overwhelmed. Mesmerized with my new little person... but a nervous wreck.

So when I started writing again, I had to write something lighthearted and fun for my own peace of mine. I saw the new book as "if Rick Riordan wrote a fantasy Doctor Who." I called it THE CURATOR.

That book went through lots of ups and downs, notably the challenge of finding sensitivity readers who would commit to the whole thing. But I finished it. Hopefully one day something will happen with it.

Here's the pitch:

Maximilian is the Curator of Earth. Rather a lofty title for one of the lowliest positions in the Museum of Worlds—Earth doesn’t even have magic! So maybe he sneaks a few magical artifacts into Earth from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with a harmless prank. Or ten. Except he’s not the only one sneaking them in, and some of the new ones popping up everywhere are downright dangerous.

Emmy knows everything there is to know about having adventures—be kind to beggars since they’re probably kings in disguise; if you meet a talking animal, take it as a sidekick because it’s likely to save your life later; don’t eat the food in Faerie. If only a proper adventure would present itself! Too bad the closest she can come to magic is a summer job at the library.

When Maximilian literally falls into her lap on her way to the interview, Emmy gets the very adventure she’s been longing for. And she might just be exactly what he needs to solve the case of the artifacts and restore Earth to its cozy magic-less existence.

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