Saturday, November 18, 2017


After a week of hypothetical projects, here's one that I've actually completed. This is the first book I ever queried, and though I got a few request on it, it was (rightfully) never picked up. At the time I was querying it would have been perfect for the market. Now... it's not.

So I don't really have any plans of publishing it, but I have considered cleaning it up a bit and making it available, perhaps on Wattpad.

Here's the pitch for OLYMPUS GATE:

Annie always believed she was just another girl orphaned by the nuclear wars... until the anonymous package arrived on her doorstep. Piecing together the clues inside reveals that she was born thousands of years before in ancient Rome, and that time travel is possible. She discovers that she had a twin sister, who was murdered in 83 BCE.

When she learns of her sister's death, she realizes she has a choice: stay with the people she has known all her life or return to ancient Rome in the hope of saving her twin. What's more, Annie believes that by changing the past she could create a new future, one not destroyed by war, but that in doing so she would erase the lives of everyone she loves. Uncertain whether she is making the right choice, Annie travels back to Rome.

Now she's stuck in the past, hiding her true identity and falling for the guy who loves her twin. She can't find her sister. She can't figure out how to change the world. And as the ancient superstitions that led to her sister's death close in, she fears that she may run out of time for both.

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