Thursday, November 9, 2017


Of the five pitches I'm doing in this series, this and the first are my favorites. I would love to research and write this book. So... continuing with the family from the past three pitches, I move forward now to Prohibition Era rural Virginia:

Ruth Carter is a teenage moonshiner in 1920s rural Virginia, and her whisky is unlike any other—one sip can heal anyone of any disease… for a price. The person who commissions the moonshine must give up their most prized possession or the magic won’t work.

It’s the height of Prohibition, and moonshine is illegal, but it’s not the only thing Ruth is hiding. She’s in love with Roy Bolling, but he’s engaged to Helen Graves, and the Graves and Carter families have a long history of feuding.

When a bad batch of whiskey disguised in one of Ruth’s bottles kills Helen Graves, Ruth goes on the run—from the law, from anyone by the name of Graves, and even from the people she thought she trusted most. If she can’t figure out who framed her she’ll lose everything, but doing so will require she give up her own most prized possession: the silver locket that makes her magic possible.

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