Friday, November 10, 2017


For the final pitch in this week's sub-series, we go to Xavier, the descendant of the characters in the previous four pitches:

By day, Xavier is a student at UNLV, living in a frat and studying econ. By night, he’s a magician on whichever Vegas stage will have him, working his way up to bigger and better shows. His best act, the one that is bound to get him noticed any day now, isn’t sleight of hand at all. Xavier can vanish and reappear somewhere else, but doing so causes him physical harm.

Fortunately Xavier has a secret weapon—a bottle of whiskey from his great grandmother that can heal any hurt. It only takes a sip to bring back full health, but the bottle won’t last forever. It doesn’t have to. It only needs to last until he makes it on the big stage.

But when a series of near-deadly pranks on campus puts Xavier in repeated danger, he must use his ability—and the whiskey—to save himself. Unless Xavier can figure out who is behind the vicious pranks, the whiskey—and thus his life—may come to an end.


And that concludes the series of the week!

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