Friday, November 3, 2017


Always, no matter what I am working on, there's a perpetual question in the back of my mind: "What will I write next?" I'm usually excited to move on to a new project, but there's always a bit of fear that maybe the next thing won't be as good as something I've written in the past.

I certainly have that fear for my next project. Though I'm in the middle of editing a novel called The Neverwas right now, I've already written a few chapters on something new. And it's a lot different from anything I've ever written before. It's slower and more atmospheric, and the character is someone I identify with more than anyone else I've created. While the plot isn't as twisty and flashy as some of my previous plots, it's deeper and drawn more out of my experience.

Today's pitch is for this book:

Sorsca is a cartographer in a world where maps don’t describe new lands, they create them. With the stroke of her brush she can scoop out a valley or pull a hill up from the mist. She dreams of traveling to the very edges of the world to carve new land out of the Empty like the heroes of her guild. But when she is finally invited to do precisely that, she finds the Empty to be more dangerous than she ever imagined.

Dark things lurk in the mists. One of them has taken a keen interest in Sorsca, haunting her and telling her lies that burrow deep into her psyche. She isn’t good enough, he insists. She’s unwanted. She’s guilty. He makes her draw harsh lines on a map, bleeding ink onto the vellum and pulling more darkness into the land she creates. If Sorsca can’t learn to admit to his influence and accept help, he’ll use her up until she’s little more than a shell fit for his purposes.

THE LIES OF LOCHAN DUVH is a fantasy metaphor for the very real darkness of depression. Having faced that darkness myself and having helped others through their own depression, this is a compelling topic for me. I'm passionate about writing this story.

I hope that one day it can make a difference for someone who needs it.

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