Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The third pitch in this week's series is about Marguerite's descendant Sam:

Sam Carter is a silversmith in Frederick, Maryland, during the Civil War. He smiths buttons for the army and donates any extra income he makes to the war effort. When he stumbles upon an old bottle of perfume among his late grandmother’s belongings, he makes a startling discovery: by adding a drop of the perfume to the silver he smiths, the object he creates has a chance of granting its owner their greatest desire.

But only a chance. Sometimes the silver brings them to ruin instead.

When Anna, the girl Sam loves, asks him to make her a locket, Sam debates adding the perfume. Anna’s greatest desire could only be for the war to end and bring her brother home. Against his better judgment he puts a drop into the locket. But the moment he gives it to Anna, she receives word her brother has died. Now, to protect Anna from further tragedy, Sam must find a way to reverse the luck on the locket and destroy its influence for good.

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