Sunday, November 26, 2017


Coming to the end of the month, I'm beginning to run out of quick and easy ideas. I started thinking about my hobbies and what I found interested and decided to see if I could come up with a book involving chocolate.

I also love a good underdog story, particularly if it involves a leader turning a team of riffraff into something special. So here's my combination of the two, SWEET AND BITTER:

Jayra is a baker and chocolatier under the tutelage of Animatra, the most respected chef in the world. After her kingdom is conquered and Animatra killed, Jayra is taken into captivity to be a slave to a foreign queen. But the queen has more slaves than she needs already—any who can’t perform quality service are put to death. The queen has recently executed her kitchen staff, so Jayra is placed on a team of cooks competing for the chance to take their place. Any team that does poorly will be put to the sword.

Jayra’s team is full of drunks, laggards and hopeless slaves—a perfect recipe for failure. Only Jayra has any experience in a kitchen, and while her skills may be barely enough to carry them through the first eliminations, after that it will be up to Jayra to whip the team into a competent kitchen staff. If they can’t win the competition they will die… and Jayra will lose the opportunity to slip poisoned chocolate into the queen’s dessert to get revenge for Animatra.

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