Sunday, November 5, 2017


Today's pitch is for one of my two favorite novels I've ever worked on. (The other is the one I'm editing now!) I put all of my favorite plot elements into this one, and I loved the result. Unfortunately it was never published, but I'm still hoping one day--maybe after a bit of updating--it will be.


Henry Thorp is a seventeen-year-old con artist working the Manhattan streets in 1847. Along with Thomas and Mary Doyle, his best friends and partners in crime, Henry swindles na├»ve travelers fresh from the docks—old, young and beautiful alike. But when Thomas is murdered, the only clue to his death is a ticket to board The Never Silent, a ship with a covert destination. Henry impersonates Thomas to take his place on the ship in the hope of finding his killer.

But Henry soon learns that Thomas kept one vital secret from him—he was part of an ancient society descended from the Norse who gained magic through the sea, and Thomas himself could hear other people's thoughts. Now Henry must use every confidence trick he knows to convince an entire crew of magicians that he too is no ordinary human but instead a powerful reader. Between the risk of discovery, the peril of a murderer walking about the ship and the looming threat of pirates roaming the Atlantic, the next life lost could be Henry's. He'll need all his wits to solve Thomas's murder and return home... to the streets he knows and to Mary, the girl he just might love.

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