Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Today's pitch is based entirely on the fact that I love crocheting little critters and dolls. Like this one...

Here's the pitch:

When the Maker finishes crocheting a doll, it comes to life. It dances and plays with the other dolls, but it doesn’t think for itself. It is merely a plaything, fit for amusing the Maker’s guests, and once the wear and tear of play begin to unravel it—only natural for a toy made of string—it is only a matter of time before the magic inside it fades.

The Maker’s favorite doll is a ballerina with a purple tutu. It’s special—it can dance better than any of the others, but it never plays with them. The Maker only brings it out for special occasions. All the same, the yarn is beginning to thin. And unbeknownst to the Maker, this doll is different—this one is Real.

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