Sunday, November 19, 2017


Today's book is the sort that I have a strong desire to write, but I fear I'm not capable of doing justice. I started researching it a year or so ago, and the research I was doing was really tough stuff. This idea is gritty, and though it's set in a fantasy world, it digs deep into the myriad of troubles that infect the poorest countries on Earth.

I would like to write this one day. I only hope that when I do I'm really ready to tackle it.


Marliu knows only three things: she’s the primary suspect in a murder investigation, she’s just broken out of prison, and to gain a burst of magic, she has destroyed all her memories of her life. To clear herself of the charges, she must conduct her own investigation, wading through the corruption of one of the poorest governments on the planet and sacrificing memories for magic any time the police get too close.

Mae is a poor girl working in the mines that feed the corruption of the government. She uses magic however she can to pull her family out of poverty, but despite her efforts a string of misfortunes befalls them, all at the hand of one corrupt official.

Marliu knows nothing of the girl in the mines, but until Mae’s story comes to light, she’ll never know the truth behind the murder, or whether she was guilty after all.

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