Sunday, November 12, 2017


Looks like this weekend is all about completed books. I wrote TRUE SIGHT back about... seven or eight years ago. It was the first thing I'd written that I was really proud of. I had managed to make the words do basically what I was trying to make them do, and I had some interesting ideas in the book.

Of course my prose was still a bit of a disaster, and my plotting wasn't that sharp. I've learned a whole lot in seven (or eight?) years.

But there may still be some salvageable concepts in this novel, and maybe I'll reuse them sometime.


Kierr and Deisa have lived all their lives in the Athaani caverns. They’ve never seen the sun, never faced the harsh snows on the mountains overhead. But Kierr is determined to see the stars, so with Deisa’s grudging help, she steals Fireweed, a military drug that allows the all-female corps to survive on the surface.

When Deisa takes the drug, she goes into shock. Upon waking, she finds she can see a second, illusory face on everyone she meets—a face that shows their true self. But when Deisa is kidnapped by a visiting diplomat eager to use her gift, Kierr follows after, braving the stark world and the blinding sunlight to bring back her best friend.

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