Monday, November 20, 2017


Today's pitch is for a book I tried writing several years ago and then scrapped a few chapters in because I couldn't get either the magic or the pacing quite right. The failure of this book gave me a (probably irrational) belief that I simply wasn't good at writing contemporary fantasy.

I don't entirely believe that any more, though I'm still vaguely leery of it. And I'm no longer particularly interested in this book, though I think the pitch is alright...


Thea grants wishes, but never her own and never in the ways she expects. Her ability is beyond her control. On the first day of school, her neighbor wishes for the bus to break down. Immediately a meteor crashes in front of the bus, wrecking it and injuring Thea. She comes back from the hospital in a wheelchair.

But that’s not the worst of her worries. Her power is growing. Soon her town is littered with living gargoyles—yet another unexpected answer to a wish. Thea is frightened of her power and hates the circumstances it puts her in. She wishes with all of her heart for everything she is not, and for once in her life her own wish is granted…

…but in a way she never imagined.

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