Monday, November 6, 2017


So this week for my pitches I'll be doing a group of five that could easily be put together in a loosely-connected series. The first of them is called TULIP SECRETS.

I actually tried writing this book a few years ago, and I had some major problems with the three acts of the novel not coming together at all. I think I could rewrite it with much better results if I go about it a bit differently and change some of the plot elements.

And I'd really love to do that. Tulip Mania absolutely fascinates me, and I love the potential of the magic in this one. Hopefully one day I'll get my act together and write it the way it was meant to be written.


In the mid-1630s, Tulip Mania gripped the city of Amsterdam. Buyers and sellers gathered in taverns auctioning the bulbs for extraordinary prices—sometimes as high as the cost of a house. But none was more valued than the Semper Augustus, a rare red-and-white-striped flower.

Jacoba is the tavern-keeper’s daughter responsible for the mania. Those who bring her a tulip can ask for anyone to fall in love with them—the more rare and valuable the tulip, the stronger the effect. But the magic comes at a cost—the bearer must divulge their deepest secret or the magic won’t take hold.

Jacoba has secrets of her own: the truth of her parentage, the bargains she has made, the name of her true love. When a Semper Augustus is stolen and brought to her to use, she finds herself drawn into a web of secrets that threaten to unmask everything she wishes to keep hidden.

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